Thursday, December 06, 2007

New Period

Have started new Training period. Week after race on Sun, Nov 25 had no running at all. I started to run and am glad to feel this feeling of training again, despite of creepy cold and snow. Do I need to put a balaclava on?
I am doing 20 or so miles in Training Week #1 now.
Think of gradually increasing mileage +5 or +10 miles a week. As I remember from my last winter experience - 60 mpw feels like getting 80 miles in "April - October" period.


leccoguy said...

Hey Ruslan,
I just got to your blog surfing on internet and I found it very interesting, because it's the only resource I could find about runnign in kazakhstan. I'm an Italian diplomat who's about to be posted to Astana and I just ran my first marathon last week (3h 59 m in Milan). Do you know where I can find resorces about marathons in Kazakhstan, I would like to run Astana Marathon, if there is one. And also wehn I am in Astana, it would be a pleasure to run with you when you pass from there.

Ruslan said...

Running in Kaz!
This is a good question.

We have only 2 marathons in Kaz:
Form time to time
- Astana Marathon - mostly local guys run there, i did my first race there and DNF in Sep 2006. Actually Race is bad. Organizers try but anyway the whole atmosphere is not good comparing to what I experienced in Russia and China. Could be good experience for guys like us who run slower than 3 hours.
- Almaty marathon, usually in June. I did half marathon there – it is super Extremal. Please find my post about it here:
Monday, June 18, 2007
more shots
Some shots from Almaty Medeo Marathon 2007
Sunday, June 10, 2007
Almaty Medeo Half 07. Preliminaries
– Stay Tuned