Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Good to Be Back!

Hello Running World!
Thank you Confucius for entertaining my Reader all this time, while I've been busy.
I was not that Fury as I wanted to run like.
But I am back to running long & winding ...
I got my precise results for Omsk, Russia marathon published.
Thank you Paul for the link!
The document is in Russian, anyway you can see me there with Official result 3:57:22
Placement 271 out of 687 men who finished.
"Not too shabby"? hmm.

Recently I have talked a lot to the coach and here's a short summary (as I got it hopefully right) for future running work:
- concentrate more on long runs;
- a week with less qnty of "sessions" with decent mileage better than a lot of AM/PM short runs through the week;
- "Longer & slower" better than "faster & shorter";
- 80 - 90 miles a week diet prescribed by Doc.

And here's how we plan/planned to get it:

Aug, Sun 05 - Sat 11: ~3 mi; 3.0 @ 9:52 !
Aug, Sun 12 - Sat 18: ~10 mi; 10.02 @ 8:38
Aug, Sun 19 - Sat 25: ~40 mi; 40.35 @ 8:25
Aug, Sun 26 - Sep, Sat 01: ~50 mi; 40.75 @ 8:11
Sep, Sun 02 - Sat 08: ~ 60 mi
Sep, Sun 09 - Sat 15: ~ 70 miles
Sep, Sun 16 - Sat 22: ~ 80 miles - Here we are
Sep, Sun 23 - Sat 29: ~ 80 miles
Sep, Sun 30 - Oct, Sat 06: 90 ??
Oct, Sun 07 - Sat 13: ~ 90 nutty miles?
Oct, Sun 14 - Sat 20: ~ doc's diet?
Oct, Sun 21 - Sat 27: ~ still alive ?
Oct, Sun 28 - Nov, Sat 03: TAPER !!!
Nov, Sun 04 - Nov, Sat 10: this is a trully blessed time
Nov, Sun 04 - Nov, Sat 10: more snow with little running.

Lately I didn't do anything special, ran mostly in pm time, which is not good considering early start in Shanghai. 7:30 AM in Shanghai equal to my 5:30 AM local kaz time.
Highlights of post race period:
I started real bad right on a week after the marathon, made only 3 miles with sub 10 min(!) pace and the only idea that "those legs do not listen to me, do not feel they are mine". 2 weeks later it was getting better and better. Then I made longer and longer runs, added uphills and even easy intervals 3 x 400, 4 x 400.

August 31, 2007, Fri: I go on with this "Mile repeats strategy"
decided to make serious Mile repeats and didn't really believe that I'm able to hit 6 fast miles within the limited time:
6 x 1 mile, Target: Sub 6:38. Rest time 11:40.
All details of this Core shaking workout (for me, only for me :) here.
Last day (unofficially) of the summer 07 and I run mile by mile faster and faster.
Doing mile #4 I only realized that I can finish all 6 repeats. My time is 6:00 for a mile. "Make it slower and do not be that jerk, no need to crash your own PR here. These are only mile repeats".
I did such repeats a long ago but never had six of them within such time.

Next day I dragged 10 miles (instead of planned 20!) so such Intervals are real core shaker for me. Guess I shall make it once per month, could be twice.

Total mileage for Sep 07: 118.72 lowest mileage "ever" :(

Fr, 8/31 Six fury mile repeats :)
Sa, 9/01 pm, 1:27:08, 10.0 mi, avg.pace 8:43, HR 137
Su, 9/02 pm, 1:26:30, 10.0 mi, avg.pace 8:39, HR 138
Mo, 9/03 REST
Tu, 9/04 am!, 1:37:17, 11.01 mi, avg.pace 8:50, HR 143

Summer is over and feels like tough time ahead. Whatever -
Happy Running Everybody!!!


Assyl said...

Hey, man!!! What the heck?! How come you are not responding to my comments??? Too bad. I am disapoited! So, waitng for your replies! Send me a line, dude!

Ruslan said...

Yo Dude! Glad to see ya. Look, send me SMS, my cell still the same BL 250 41 30. Hope everything is well and moving on.
moi Browser typit zhestko, nado postoyanno Cntr R, tvoi comment toko schas vizhy :) Ty s rabotoi opredelilsya ... ?