Monday, November 26, 2007

Shanghai is my PR

Woo hoo! My Dear Reader - you have to see it.
I did it in such a smooth way, it wasn't super hard at all.
Shaved almost 20 min off my record and just Happy about it.
I don't used to write those great race reports as some of my favorite running bloggers do, but I will try to make detailed (more or less) description of the whole process soon. Let me get to Kazakhstan. 3 (or 4) days later I will post it with decent video of me doing km #40, 41. (Something wrong with my notebook here, so I will edit those materials at home).
Pre-race and post race photos available (warning you - sometimes I look Ugly:) here.

Thank you so much everybody!



Thomas said...

3:38:02. That's a good time, congratulations! I'm looking forward to the race report.

olga said...

Woohoo! So, how does it feel, shaving 20 min off??!! Awesome! Need report for sure:)

Andrew said...

Excellent job!