Saturday, November 10, 2007

90 mpw as my personal peak and a bad taper

Sat, November 10
Almaty, Kazakhstan:
Hi from Super expensive Almaty Internet cafe, i is 400 tenge per hour which about $3!
I'm on the way to China and tomorrow / day after tomorrow I'll be there, in places where similar cafe provides you the same services for 2 Yuan ~ $0.3.
So, I had an insane week:
Sun, 10/28 - Sat, 11/03
7 days, 8 sessions, 90.02 miles at average pace 08:51 - so slow, but glad I did it and glad I have Taper now...

Monday, November 12
Urumqi, China (spent more than 50 hours to get here by train Karaganda - Almaty - Urumqi)

Doing 90 miles feels like you're sort of Zombie...
My best running week consists of
- no days off
- 20 miler on Sunday
- 15 miles on Friday.
The week is pretty close to what Andrew prescribed me.
I have to mention here that we were lucky to have a warm autumn here this year. But just as I've done my PR week the weather turned to normal conditions - snow, wind etc.

This week finished with Ugly result - about 25 miles or so!

Hard to explain or find any decent excuse... I took 2 days off after i got 90 mi mark ans since Friday, Nov 9 I'm on business trip to China so things are different from the plan now.

I didn't want this scenario - but my bosses asked me to have this business trip.
Originally I planned to take a 2-week leave (vacation) and to visit Shanghai by myself. But with the trip to our suppliers in China, first of all I have to visit about 10 companies - from Beijing down to Shanghai. Then I can run a marathon on Sun, November 25.
This is Mad and Brutal.

Tonight have to be in Beijing, tomorrow would be different city ...
P.S. My Bib # is 1023, all sporty shoe I wore out and will have to buy something decent in Shanghai 3 days before marathon. I know, this is not good but I had similar situation before my first marathon, I bought new shoe a week before the Big Day, had 10 miles in them only and those (as Salesperson said) "sort of ASICS" were not bad (I have it with me actually with a hope to have some run here, but I consider the pair as Officially dead, I mean, I still can run but it is not for the Race anymore).
I do not think they sell any brand sporty shoe in Kaz so have to explore this in China.

Hope to be on the plane in 1 hour and
Happy Running to everybody!

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olga said...

If you don't spend too much time on your feet during this trip, you may be blessed with no runs and extra taper. Chill, stress is no good for ya now. Good luck!!!