Saturday, September 01, 2012

Monday, July 06, 2009

A Post without Title

Was sick almost whole week Sun, Jun 28 – Sat, Jul 04 so Totally I had 17.3 mi a week!!!
Those air-conditioning systems in our offices take its toll, aghh. Nevertheless I am determined to run Moscow anyway. We have 3 days off here in Kaz, Sat - Sun and Monday (Whoa!!! Actually it's a holiday as Astana was established, I'm not talking about Lance Armstrong's team :) so having 3 days off to restore I am working on a better week now.
Stay tuned!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 09 almost over

Had a relatively easy week
Sun, Jun 21 – Sat, Jun 27 is 50.70 miles at average 8:13 pace.
No need for more details, just had
sort of "long" run on
Sun, Jun 21 (right on the next day after my Half PR) 15.50 mi @ 8:20
and decent workout on Thu, Jun 25 - 10.10 mi @ 8:09
plus a bunch of shorter sessions including 2 big Hills I hit yesterday.

Overall, comparing old screen shots from Garmin TC with what I do now I came to conclusion that am a little bit faster than I was couple years ago.

What am I training for at the moment?
I did consider Omsk Siberian International Marathon as my goal race, but something changed recently. I guess I am going to try Moscow. Sun, Sep 13 - their biggest running event in the heart of Russia. As for now, I've got 76 days to go.
Whatever I run, Omsk or Moscow will definitely try to make sub 3:30.
P.S. This month for the second time this year will get into 200+ miles a month Good Old Club.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sixty Plus

Good things about my current training – I run more and even faster.
Sun, Jun 14 – Sat, Jun 20
Here’s how I train these days with some short comments:
Sun, Jun 14
PM, 12.00 mi, 1:40:50, ~pace 8:24, poor attempt to make a long run

Mon, Jun 15
PM, 5.26 mi, 42:43, ~pace 8:07, relaxing evening run

Tue, Jun 16
AM, 2.00 mi, 18:17, ~pace 9:08, whoa – wake up and run, I mean Jog with autopilot turned on
According to what I did with Andrew and as per Lydiard’s conceptions (feel free to correct me if I am wrong) I have 2 or 3 “Hard” days. This is the day.
PM and here is my Hard part, 7.00 mi, 50:42, ~pace 7:14, felt good and after walking home decided to “cool down” with couple more miles + 2.00 mi at 8:29.

Wed, Jun 17
PM, 8.00 mi, 1:09:17, ~pace 8:39, easy

Thu, Jun 18
PM and I hit my Hard miles again, 7.25 mi, 54:32, ~pace 7:31, comparing to Tue hard session I decided to make it slower here and a little bit longer + cooling down again in different place, around the park near home 3.00 mi at 8:41.
I do remember I was deadly tired after working day and Thu hard effort.

Fri, Jun 19
PM, 4.00 mi at 8:41, I try to easily refresh sore legs. But I included one Big Hill here. Every week I try to include Hills and this time just a hill. The Big Hill.

Sat, Jun 20
Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the warm June of 2007 (a week before Almaty Medeo Half 07), that was last time I ran 13.1 miles to make a Personal Best.
After making successful 10k PR a month ago, this is a right time to reconsider old records. And here’s how it happened.
Warming: 1.00 mi at 6:19
“Only thirteen miles like this But … One min slower”, this is the way I treat myself while programming Garmin workout, setting Half and pace under 7:30. Occasionally it happened just as I inspired myself.

13.10 mi, 1:35:51.43 at average 7:19!!! All details on this plot.
(My previous best time in June 2007 was 1:40:13, avg. pace 7:38)
Good. I knew I was able to hit sub 7:30 but this result was a Big Surprise for me. This training record run took all the pieces I’ve built during a week (and previous weeks/years?) and brought ‘em together into one speedy run. Time to change my blog sidebar.

Totals for the week: 64.60 mi at 7:59 min/mile.
I do not think I ever had 60+ week with avg. sub 8:00 pace.

Good Luck guys and Have Great Miles on the run!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another 40+ miles week

Last week didn't go as planned.
Total outcome is poor 42.26 mi @ 8:26.
Final session was a ten miler I ran yesterday at average 7:51 min/mile. Actually the only two digits run, the rest were morning/evening shorter runs. So, my training isn't good enough for such a tough race as Omsk, but still have a hope to improve despite work that takes so much out of me... I noticed that the vast majority of miles I log into my account I make on weekend days. Sat and Sun runs almost equal to the mileage I have from Mon to Fri. Something to work on for me.
P.S. Paul, glad to see you. I wish you had some short (or longer) public/web notes on your way to Budapest. Pulling out a PR for me is a big issue.
Happy running to everybody!
P.P.S. Today, on Sun, Jun 14 most of South Kaz cool guys and gals ran Almaty Full & Half Medeo marathon. I just phoned Tim Bannikov, he finished Half race 8th or tenth clocking 2 hours and smth. They simple WALKa CRAWLed up to the finish line covering their 800 meters altitude difference. One more – I can’t SIMPLY read Tim’s page – according to stupid local policy, they Blocked Livejournal pages here in Kazakhstan. I’ll have to do some IP/proxy things to read mere Half Marathon report. Fun, huhh… Hope I still have free access to good old Blogger.