Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summing Up

My work with coach Andrew. We started in March 2007, we've been working hard and here's what we have in stock (as of Garmin stats):
Mar: 236.62 mi
Apr: 201.94 mi
May: 276.26 mi
Jun: 271.87 mi
Jul: 232.92 mi
We had 3 main training periods, First one was real good, second was slightl spoiled by Almaty Half marathon. Also there are workouts to remember:1 hour sub 7:15 and then another hour with sub 7:00 pace I did in spring were good. My sort of weak part was Tempo - I'm not pleased with them at all. I'll take it seriously, after this Race. Twenty milers - made only six of them with recently described best one. I do not think the Long runs were good nor bad. I tried to improve them. Hope succeed.
So, here I am, typing this stuff in the Inet cafe in the downtown of Karaganda city. Leaving now to Astana to meet Paul. Then Kokshetau, Petropavlovsk and Russia, Omsk! Some people say that Omsk is a capital of Siberia. Could be. Never been to that city.

P.S. I got final instructions from Andrew.
P.P.S. Took a little vacation at work, three days only, Aug 1st, 2nd & 3rd. Ready to Omsk. Nervous.
Happy Running to everybody.


Thomas said...

Good Luck with the marathon! Don't worry about your training, it was very good. 6 20-milers are a lot, more than most people do, and the long tempo runs at 7:15 and sub-7:00 were very good as well. You should be pleased with them.

All the Best!

olga said...

Best of luck to you in Omsk, nervous is good, breathe in and out - lets dance!

olga said...


Paul said...

Rus made it back safe and sound to Karaganda. He will post soon so I won't give anything away. But I will say we had a great road trip and I couldn't have made it to Omsk without Rus - we drove a thousand miles in 3 days!